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Govinder Nazran


1964 - 2008

Govinder's art training began in Bradford in the North of England, where he studied graphic design from 1980 to 1983. He then went on to study for a Higher Diploma in Graphic Design, specialising in illustraion at Lincoln Art College. Having completed his formal training he moved to London where he worked on illustrations for children's books. Six month's later he moved to Cambridge where he continued working as a freelance illustrator. He later moved back to his home-town of Saltaire in West Yorkshire, taking up the position as a designer for a greetings card company where he was also involved in product design and development. Following that, Govinder was involved in directing photo shoots and later became a photographic art director, travelling all over the world on fashion shoots. In 1993 he gave up the photographic work and spent the next five years working freelance on card designs with major publishers. In 1999 Govinder decided to enter the fine art market and commenced to publish silkscreen and lithograph prints of his designs. He states that "For as long as I remember, all I ever wanted to be was an artist. My style of painting is a result of the spontaneity in putting my first paint to canvas. Since that moment, my mind has been in hyperdrive, thinking about the next painting barely before i've finished the one that i'm working on." "I am inspired by anything and everything - from Dickens to The Dandy, Strauss to The Sex Pistols, Hockney to whoever! Ultimately, my main aim is that my art gives pleasure, evoking some of the feelings, thoughts and joy I experienced while painting them." Of his style, Govinder states "I call it the art of finger painting. Using oil bars directly on canvas, I manipulate the paint with my fingers using no brushes. I take influence from many places including interior design, cubism, abstraction, the macabre surrealism of Bosch and many more great artisits."

Sadly, Govinder passed away on 30th December, 2008.

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Untitled Document
Untitled Document

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