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Fabian Perez

Fabian was born in Buenos Aires in 1967 and brought up in the small but dynamic Argentinian city of Campana 50 miles outside the capital. From the age of nine he felt at home holding a paintbrush, producing surprisingly mature portraits of family and friends. His extraordinary parents played a huge part in his creative development; his mother was artisitic and imaginative, while his father was a fascinating figure - well known locally both to the people and the police as a somewhat clandestine character with a hand in various business dealings that operated after dark in the nightclubs and on the streets of the city. His father's activities meant that the young Fabian was exposed to an interesting cast of characters, from handsome men who lived their lives on the edge to women who, as he himself puts it, "could seduce a man simply by lighting a cigarette". Add to this a world of sultry and glamourous tango dancers, flamenco guitarists and gypsy musicians, and Fabian's stunning paintings fall into context as atmospheric representations of forbidden sensuality and unnamed desires.

At the age of 16 he lost his mother, and at 19 his father followed, leaving Fabian bereft. His search for an anchor in his life led him to the pursuit of self knowledge through martial arts, and through his search he met the second great influential figure of his life who was to become his Karate master. His exceptional skill at Karate introduced discipline into a life which had been ruled by passion and instinct, and encouraged Fabian to take charge of his own future. He decided to leave Argentina and travelled around Brazil, Italy and Japan before settling in Los Angeles in Spring 2001. It was here that his work was noticed by the official artistic establishment, and before long he was holding sell out exhibitions and publishing his work to great critical acclaim.

Although he admires various schools of art including the Impressionists, Fabian is reluctant to have his work categorised. It is perhaps best to refer to his own description - "Emotionalism" - which sums up his uniquely expressive style. "My work is full of energy, but still, you can see a peaceful reflection in most of my subjects," he said. "I thought about giving a name to my style, but that might limit my evolution as a painter." Constantly experimenting with different mediums, Perez usually ends up using acrylics, simply because they dry faster than oils. "With acrylics, I can enjoy the painting process in real time, without having to wait hours or even days for the colours to dry".

Perez's work has been shown in museums and galleries around the United States and in Europe. In 1995, while exhibiting in Italy, he won an award for his painting titled "Living in the Present."

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